LILLY PULITZER: Woman of the Year!!!!

As if those of us in the pink & the green didn't already know... Heck, to us, she's the woman of always... but Palm Beach Atlantic University with their friends at Bank of America made it official: Lilly Pulitzer is the Woman of the Year. Indeed, not just The Woman of the Yearm but a "Woman of Distinction."
The honor was bestowed at the historic Breakers hotel, in a room filled to capacity with 600 of the top social, cultural and professional women of South Florida, gathered to celebrate the singular achievements of one woman, several classic silhouettes and every color in the rainbow. And Lilly was her usual self: funny, engaging and quick to honor Women of Distinction Scholarship recipients Megan Herwald and Jordan Kidd, both class of 2008.
"It's sort of funny," the sandy blond with the great laugh said appreciatively, "because I've only had a fews months of college. But since you've done it, you've gone and given it to me, I'm not giving it back."
In classic Lilly style, she deflected, exulted and reminded people it's all about attitude, quoting the other perennial Lilly, Lilly Tomlin, who said, "If you wi the Rat Race, you're still a rat..."
Also, honored was Sydell Miller, co-founder of the Matrix hair care line, another innovator in the realm of both beauty and women in the workforce. Both women had their children on hand -- as they were recognized for changing the norm and making the world, especially for women, a much better place.

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Victor said...

In my world LILLY is always the Woman of the YEAR ....

....such a woman of distinction!

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