House of Tibi

IN Style magazine did a spread on the decorating prowess of our friend and renound designer Amy Smilovik, better known as Tibi. Take a look.

One Week...Are you counting?

Next week Palm Beach will become the meeting mecca of all Lilly Pulitzer-ites from all over the country. Our leading lady will be celebrating her big 5 0 this year.... that is for designing our favorite shifts. We are all meeting to plan how we will celebrate with her. The breakers will become a sea of pink and green starting on May 27th. Sneak peeks will be coming your way so check back for some great goodies.


Last Saturday we had a little soiree at our store. Pink and green mini cupcakes,pink lemonade,and signature tea sandwich's, need I say more.
After devouring our tasty tid bids, we sat down and had a Q and A Lilly style sitting around the pink cozy couch.
We hope all of you had as much fun as we did.
Thank you for your priceless input on the brand we love so much.... Lilly Pulitzer.

Mothers Day, Mothers Life

It strikes me funny that we officially celebrate "Mom's" for only one day a year, when in fact privately they are celebrated for a lifetime and beyond.

We celebrate our Mother everyday and those of you who come
and shop int he store know this very fact.

Our Mother is our life line. We are koala bears on her
even to this day. All three of us. In fact a lot more that three.

Everyone calls our mother, "Mama". Any time of day
you can hear people shopping happily and saying " Hi Mama, How are you?" She represents Mom to everyone.
Safe, comforting,funny,sensible,gracious. Every adjective known to describe a Mother is our mom.

We are lucky and blessed. We hope you had wonderful celebrations for your Mother. We hope you do this on a daily basis. We do.

Nick & Johnnies

We indulged ourselves at lunch yesterday at the newest restaurant in town, Nick and Johnnie's.
The atmosphere is very casual and relaxing. The breeze that is caught by the 15 foot awning keeps you in the right mood. The salads range from traditional Cesar to The Brown Derby signature salad. Of course, the gazpacho, evidently Chuck and Harold's recipe, was delectable.
The wait staff is young and adorable clad in linen oxfords. We had a wonderful lunch.
The live music on the weekends will be enticing and the bar should be rockin.
Congratulations Coniglio Family on another successful eatery. Thank you for keeping us full and happy!


Today marks the official countdown to:
Sex and the City, The Movie.

May 30, 2008 the wait is over.

All of our questions will be answered.

The finale of the television series was aired over 4 years ago. I was heartbroken. What would I do on Sunday nights. What would I talk about all week and more importantly would anyone understand my shoe fetish as well as Carrie?

Today on Oprah the entire cast arrives to wow the audience with Sex banter and tid bits about the movie and their lives. Sarah Jessica Parker asked the audience to take an oath of silence about the sneak peek they were privy to see today. No one saw the ending.

Four years ago Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon,Kristin Davis, Kim Catrall, and Chris Noth walked out of our lives, in 29 days they come back.

I have my door wide open.How about you?

More to come each week about our favorite girls.

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