They came... like rock stars. Anonymous black road cases overpacked and strapped to insure nothing would burst open, littering technicolor prints and peacock options all over some unsuspecting baggage handler.
And then they unpacked. The men of Lilly, the women of C. Orrico.

All of the Fall/Formal and even a peak at 2009 Resort. It is amazing stuff. The quality, the textures, the motifs -- and especially, the cuts, so close to the body, they are razor sharp, yet so lengthening, anyone will appear lithe in these blazers, pants, evening jackets and even baggy board shorts.

It is not just sartorial sensation being delivered to 336 South County Road, but a culture accessed by only the few who understand that it takes a very confidant, very vibrant, very relaxed man to square back and wear clothes these audaciously tasteful. It is a litmus test in the rarified air of those who "get it" and the valley of "NOKD."

There are MaiTais for 100 coming in, specially hand-mixed by Renato's Mark, the uberadorable bartender who knows how to leave his patrons stirred not shaken. In a land where we are often measured by the cover of the book or the company we keep, how would one ever sidestep something as glorious as optic white dragons tangled on a field of true deep marine blue -- or living a life where one was unaware of the right barkeep? Ineed

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