And so, the dragon has packed up his trunks of peackcock-colored menswear and returned to the home of all Lillies, but that doesn't mean that Spring Fever has left the building!! No, no, everywhere you look, the multi-culti favorite top of forgivess is popping up in myriad fabrications, trims, lengths and beyond,
Kurtas. C. Orrico has them! Whether it's LeTarte's whisper-thin white lawn cotton, Melly M's natural linen with white braid, Juliette Dunn's haute batik variations or TS Dixin's preppy pastel with grosgrain ribbon-trimming, the chemise cut tops that leave much to the imagination -- even as they spin a spell on those gazing upon the wearer are available in abundance.
For those who truly crave the exotic, there are the flamboyantly decadent pieces from Sulu and Taj: close-fitten, crop sleeve options, knee length near caftan executions, thickly beaded and embriodered, thick-lace plackets and cuffsm oversized mirror sequins and colorful variations from classic black and white to pink with green, snow white with bright tangerine.
They are made of sigh-inducing silks, heavy gauze -- sometimes printed with peasant floral patterns -- and chiffons that come in rainbow-hued paisleys, vibrant jewel tones and almost glowing pastels.
No matter which strikes your comfort -- or departure zone -- all are suitable for rocking whatever casbah you choose! Whether something close to your form or flowing to hide whatever it is you're masking, these make chic impossibly simple, utterly basic and adaptable from denim to tiered skirts to velvet pants!

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