Santa is coming to Town

The masses waiting for Santa Claus
The man himself

The awesome Bagpiper band

Three makes a pair

My Matti on a double date with the Mcgruder girls, Loren and Logan.

Ho Ho Ho

Last night on Worth avenue was the famed Christmas tree lighting. Santa came along with an authentic bagpiper band. We all packed the streets and waited for the countdown led by Gayle Coniglio and Sue Marken. Eventhough it is 90 dgrees outside I think it's begginging to look a lot like Christnmas.....

We love Blair

We love her and Kathie loves Stewart, Blair's boyfriend. Bubble Bath anyone? Blair looks great in Tibi and Stewart looks even better in his Lilly Pants. Thank you for always supporting us. xoxo
The Orrico's

Red Cross

The Young Friends of the Red Cross Ball is back. Well with a twist. It is on December 30th and it is a cocktail beach party at Mar a Lago. Fun fun. This is perfect for those of us who can't or won't partake in "amateur night" better known as New Years Eve. We will be there to ring in 2008 24 hrs early!

Seeing Red

Our new favorite nail color for the Holiday Season is OPI The Thrill of Brazil, You Rock-Apulco Red and of course, OPI Red. This trio will get you right on thru to 2008.

Pink Christmas in Florida

This is our web guru's Christmas tree. Allison is having a pink Christmas down here in Florida because no where in sight is white!

You look marvelous Chanel

Kathie and I went to the re-opening of the Newly Renovated Chanel Store on Worth Avenue. We hung with Celery and her sister Phoebe and also Amelia . Everyone looked beautiful. The best part of the evening was the goodie bags. The gift was a lucite Chanel cuff and the double "C" is in baby pink. Thank you. We vote you best gift bag in Palm Beach.

Holly My Golly

It was so great to see our dear friend Holly and her family,, sans one sister this weekend at the Whitehall event at the beautiful Flagler Museum. Me and Kathie went really early and watched the entire town saunter in to the back courtyard. Groovy music was playing in the background courtesy of Jean Marc and pomegranate infused champagne cocktails were the big hit. It was a great evening. Thanks Holly

Shipped Wrecked Wow

Me and Matt
Missy and Todd Savage

Crissy and Doug

On Saturday Night we had a blast at The Center for Creative Education Shipwrecked Bash at the Beach Club. At first the skies opened up and the downpour was unbelievable. But that past and the party was a huge success. We danced the night away for hours and paid the piper on Sunday. All well worth the whole night.

Break a leg

Margaret sister broke her ankle and she had this fabulous striped cast created. Wow Lisa, it's almost worth the break huh? That is some accessory. Fell better soon.

Thank You for Our Dad

We had a bit of a scare this week when our Dad was admitted to the hospital on Sunday Night. Last night he received a pace maker at The Cleveland Clinic in Weston. Dr. Bush is the greatest. Thanks for saving Dads life again. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who helped our Dad this week a million times Thank You.

My Boys

Today a friend sent this to me.

It is from a website called

Our friend Lena Hyde, a fantastic photpgrapher who specializes in kids, uses it to make cards. She photographed my boys last spring and I am having her come to the house again this spring. Lena Hyde Photography is a must do.

My favorite Show

Tomorrow on NBC is Oprah's Favorite Holiday Things episode! Please don't call us at the store from 4-5 pm. We will be watching this great show. I love when all the Midwestern woman cry uncontrollably over all their free gifts. I would too!

FREE Shipping

We have just started our Seasonal free bees. Here is one to start. Free Ground Shipping from UPS. This way we both can track your shipment.

Great Gift Idea

If you have been invited to several locations for Turkey Dinner the best hostess gift is a Lilly Pulitzer Hand Painted Christmas Ball or a baby stuffed Lilly Animal or Shift Dress.

Hobe Sound is Open

Just to let everyone know that Hobe Sound is Finally open again. We welcome Meredith, our new manager. Don't worry you guys will still get Margaret every once in a while. If you need a full dose she is in the Palm Beach store. We hope to see you soon.
Our address is:
11770 S. E. Dixie Highway
Off of Bridge Rd. along the railroad
Bright green building with pink and white striped awning.
772 546 9565

What a Party

Lilly Pulitzer herself had a great time.
Blair Griffin,Jackie Gonnella,Alison Kellerman and the infamous Kathie Orrico

Alison Kellerman and Jackie Gonnella

The Warman's with Sue Macnamara and Kathie

Last night The Event we held in conjunction with Lilly and The kids from St. Andrews High School was amazing. The silent auction prizes ranged from Hermes Bracelets to a people's motor scooter. It was a sea of pink and green and everyone had a swell time sipping rum punch and champagne. We raised a ton for Darfur and Doctors without borders. Here are some candids of our tribe.

Darfur in Palm Beach

Thursday night November 15, 2007 at The Brazilian Court Hotel Lilly Pulitzer and C. ORRICO is throwing a hum- dinger of an event to benefit Darfur in association with Doctors without borders. Thanks to Dede Merck and God in the Heavens Above this event will be the best of the season openers. Stay tuned for pictures and news on Friday!

Hear no evil, See no evil and say no evil

I enjoyed myself immensely the other night at the Planned Parenthood Drag Me To The Ball function. I hung with great people and dined on wonderful Asian cusuine. Dora Kino and Trish Burt were a hoot. Thanks for a fun evening.

Bad to the Bone

This is the famed Dr. Melony Bone. She has delivered every ones babies and can fix all of your "personal" problems. She is the best GYNOB in the Palm Beaches. We love you Mel.
Melony Bone(center) in a Preppy Girl Dress With Allison and Suzanne.

Rosarian Shinning Fair

Shaun and Jessica Mcgruder have faced the reality that one of their girls will at least date one of my boys. It could be worse. I'll name names later.
Michelle Mcgann graduated from good ole' RA in 1988 and now is a LPGA wonder pictured with Johnathan Satter, who I personally know is a good guy.

Beau and Jackie Breckenridge. I vote them Best Couple to be friends with!

The other night was the Rosarian Academy "Rose Ball" to benefit the school. The same fine establishment that I graduated High School from in 1987 and now my two Nephews attend. One in 6th the other in 4th. My two boys will attend there also. Everyone needs a good dose of guilt don't you agree.

Sold it at the Beach

This weekend I wore the Bijoux Tunic in the Navy and White. I actually took special orders at the beach. It is the most comfortable and wearable item . I woke up, walked the dogs in it, and then wore it all weekend at the beach. It still looks brand new. I suggest you get one, or two.

The greatest "O's"

The Osmond family, all 100+, were on Oprah today. I cried. Everyone cried. They are truly a great family. We love everyone with "O" last names... obviously.

Shipwrecked for Thanksgiving

The gang over at the Center for Creative Education is throwing a fabulous party. All proceeds to benefit the center. It will be at the Beach Club over Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday November 24, 2007. For more information please call 561-805-9927.

Here Kitty Kitty

Our favorite pick of the week is this Trina Turk dress. Make that meow of a statement at dinner this weekend.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Last night on "Dances with the Stars" Jane Seymour was voted off. This was her second week in a row in the bottom two. Give her a huge break after all she had to deal with her mothers death and food poisoning. She did better than anyone we know in those circumstances. Tune in next week. Same dance time same dance channel.

Osmonds forever

We grew up watching " a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll". So we were sad to see

George Osmond, the father, pass on. The whole family is great and our prayers are with them. They entire Osmond family, some 125, will appear on Oprah.


For the finest in Yogainis and classes try the Amanpuri Yoga studio. A mecca of peace and serenity it offers an amazing hour and a half of postures for every level. Of course our two favorite Yoginis: Connie(the owner) and Jessica.

Great Gift Idea

This is a good one and not too expensive. Monogramed soap. It's personal and smells great. What more can you ask for? It comes in a bunch of colors,fonts, and scents. Order now to guarantee it for Christmas.

Pumping Iron

Get a great workout at 180 degree Fitness Gym on S. Dixie Highway. Just north of Forest Hill Blvd. Owned and operated by a great family, it is a fun time.

6101 S Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33405 Map


Turkey To Go

Our famed Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach offers a complete Turkey dinner to go. We order it every year and what a great idea let me tell you. No mess, no cooking. And you can serve it on your own dishes and pass it off as your very own! Go for it.

Flu Who

Who wants to be sick and not wear pretty new outfits from C.Orrico? Not me. Don't forget to get the flu shot this season. Publix stores in our immediate area have flu clinics that offer the shots. For store locator's look no further.

Running in a skirt?

Yes. You can look hip and chic while sweating it out for the gold. We are carrying SKIRT. A revolutionary new product to combine the athlete in us with the fancy girl we are really.
SkirtSports is a smart, sassy, and edgy company that created the original fitness skirt. Founded by professional triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, SkirtSports encourages fun and fitness and feeling good about living.
Try it today - make the transition and Convert to Skirt!

C. Orrico says Da

OPI has a collection of polishes rightfully named the Russian Collection. Our favorite color is Vodka & Caviar. The best combo for a night out in Palm Beach.
To have it put on your nails by the best in town call Edwards of Palm Beach 561-835-0360, ask for an appointment with Janine, and cross your much needing a manicure fingers.
she is usually booked with standings all season long, but much worth the fight for an hour of bliss.

Big Shots

Thursday nights make us happy between Grey's Anatomy and Big Shots. Dylan Mcdermott is the biggest shot of them all. He puts a smile on our face just before bed.

Tibi Canoe

Tibi is created by our friiend Amy. She named the line after her grandmother. She is incredibly talented and fun. We love this tunic. Amy, you do tunic well!

Shop Tibi and have fun too!

Superman Returns

Its a flock of birds, its a bunch planes, no it's just us... The Super Family.

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