WE Love to CRASH

So a few weeks ago was the famous Family Disney Trip. Staying as always at The Boardwalk Hotel in our fav room right off the pool. If any one watches DIY network and the show Yard Crashers with Ahmed Hassen will enjoy this one.

My husband loves this show but even more so his "man-crush" on Ahmed has me wondering a bit sometimes. I get it.... he can do yards like no other + he is funny and a guys guy. Cute too.

Well we are at the pool and my husband is starring at this guy for a bit and then jumps up from his chair and like a star struck girl (small exaggeration) screams "AHMED" Oh My God!!!

He, Ahmed, couldn't have been more personal and adorable. After all he was on a family/work vacation at Epcot's Garden Show at a speaking engagement ans we were groping him verbally and a lil' physically.

Our yard is still dull but maybe one day he will remember us!

Spring Safari

Thanks to our friends at The Palm on Park - we now have photos to show from Kathie's trip to NYC and the Spring Safari!

Kathie with Janie, the head print designer at Lilly, and Jen who owns The Palm on Park

Jen - one of our very favorive Lilly girls! - and Kris, one of the managers at The Palm on Park

Jack, one of the print designers. Jack and the other wonderful Lilly artists were painting original works of art in the lobby, which were later auctioned off.

Actor Steve Guttenburg made it to the event - but we think he forgot about the dress code, Lilly or Louder!

Coming this Summer...

a Lilly printed beach cruiser!
Lilly has partnered with Van Dessel Sport to created this one-of-a-kind bike, featuring a washed out version of the Full Sun print - this time in soft pinks, greens, and yellows. The bike is available for $450 and will begin shipping the week of August 1st. Pre-orders yours now by emailing us at cccorrico@aol.com. Stop traffic, save money on gas, and look absolutely adorable!

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