Soignee Song: Ingenue's Constant Craving...

She is the one who a scantily clad Cindy Crawford lathered up and was fixing to shave on the cover of Vanity Fair... the siren who takes androgeny and makes it seem like vixens on parade... Equal parts Buddhist pool of tranquility and surging siren chemistry, k.d. lang brings desire to a slow boil without ever moving in an obvious manner.

Touring to support Watershed, her first new album in 8 years and also the first she's produced, the melange of classic chanteuse, sophisticated jazz, a bit of Brazil, a hint of her high country and enough of the sweeping emotionalism that has transfixed fans of grown-up music for (gasp!) 25 years, her March 1 appearance at the Raymond Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is the soignee night out of choice for weeks to come. Elegant, yet ever present, lang harkens back to a time when people smoldered rather than splattered -- and anyone who reveres classic pop music will be rewarded for their night out with something that will leave them stirred rather than shaken.

A must see...

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