Lots of people, lots of fun

The party is in full swing in Palm Beach!

Now it's a party

Lilly has stopped by to visit!

BBQ Time

Lunch is being served! Hog dogs grilled to perfection by Jackie and fresh guacamole prepared by Rocco's Tacos.

Beep Beep!

The Lilly Jeep has made an appearance!

Print Artists

The print artists have arrived! Receive a free handpainted Lilly print with your in store purchase of $400 or more.

50 Years of Lilly!

Today's the day! The Lilly Jubilee Retrospective is in Palm Beach and we are celbrating C.ORRICO style- hot dogs, margaritas, games, prizes, print artists painting, and lots of vintage Lillys!


We were asked to be part of a wonderful charity event benefiting WXEL, our local public broadcasting service, at Mar A Lago. Woman with Wings and Wisdom. C. Orrico presented a fashion show of Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2009. The guest speaker was Suze Orman...clearly a woman with wisdom, I did not see wings, but I am sure she has a set. The theme of the event was Lilly Pulitzer, 50 years of a colorful life. Lilly was our guest. She definitely has wings. Wisdom goes wihout saying.

Suze was uplifting and empowering. She paid tribute to Lilly herself with a personal story. It brought the audience to a teary eyed standing ovation. It was a story of Suze being down and out. No money,credit cards to the hilt, no job. She said she was at the low of lows. A friend had invited her to Palm Beach and with an invite to Lilly's for dinner. Suze said she could not believe they were eating at the infamous Lilly Pulitzers house. Sheepishly Suze went. When she arrived at the house Lilly treated her as if she knew Suze her whole life. She made Suze feel like an amazing individual who was the most important person to Lilly herself. Then Suze realized she made everyone in the room feel this way. What a wonderful woman. No matter a dignitarie or a car detailer....Lilly treats all as equal.


Today on the Martha Stewart Show it will be Lilly Day! Tune in and catch all the newest buzz about our beloved Queen.

Prints, stories, and palm trees.

Let us know what ya think!


We want to to congratulate our first Golden Ticket winner Tracy Baker. She drew one of our Golden Tickets yesterday and won an original canvas Lilly Pulitzer print of her choice.

Where are you going to hang that work of art?

We still have a ticket left and the Jeep, Steinway, and dress designer for a day is still available.

Good Luck!

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