Thank God... Really

Success. Thank you to all who supported us either by beer or cheer at Amici Celebrity Bartending by The Girls....


It is here. NINETY-TWO boxes of Men's Lilly! 92 BOXES!
All the brilliant colors, lush cashmeres, fine cotton and once in a lifetime prints.

Lean pants. Bright polos. Close-cut blazers. Ties of every technicolor extraction.

More than being a peacock of a certain Technicolor palette, this is about emerging as a man not afraid of ocean hues, steroidal pastels, rich jewel tones... and yes, the print of the season: the white dragons emblazoned on midnight blue. They call it True Navy Tail Lights... we know it good fortune, exotic adventure and a whimsical gusto beyond measure.

Enter the Dragon. Exit brandishing the sangfroid cool of Bogey, 007 and Cary Grant -- clad in the mark of not just Asian good fortune, but Palm Beach style in extremis.

And as raging as this shipment of Men's Lilly is, just wait til the Presidents Day Trunk Show. Not only will they be rolling out the traditional sport, play, hang, be clothing, but the brand new formal wear will debut to resounding response. Come by, and see why soon everyone shall be chasing the dragon

Lilly Loves Givers...

It happens once a year...
The Junior league of Palm Beach honors their Woman of the Year
Someone who gave back, made a difference, inspired others...
Last year it was our dear friend Nicole Munder
who is slavishly devoted to the Make A Wish Foundation --
She joined Robin Azqueta, Betty Bell, Jula Dattolo, Pamela Goodman, Kelly Hopkins, Gale Howden, Helene Lorentzen, Talbott Maxey, Binkie Orthwein and Betsy Turner...

and this year, the League in league with Lilly Pulitzer 
caps a decade of recognizing the very best and brightest 
by celebrating ALL of the woman volunteers who's made a tremendous difference.

A gathering of the giving tribe
Saturday night
@ the Beach Club...
cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, dancing to the Feeder Band
a night to give back 
to thos who give so much...
& honor them with joy, friends'n'laughter

and yes,
of course
we'll be there!
We wouldn't miss it for the world....

27 Dresses (Of Course!)

It has been SUCH a whirl this week -- and yes, we had well over 100 at Amici for the Celebrity Bartending & raised a bunch of money for St Eds, so thank you all for coming -- that we didn't get to blog about -- what else? "27 Dresses."
Somewhere between Gidget, Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face" and the best Doris Day movies, Katherine Heigl is luminescent as a girl who takes being the bridesmaid never the bride to incredible levels. With a bright smile, a deep cavern of despair and the kind of comedic timing you don't experience from her on "Gray's Anatomy," this is a girly girl (and way fab gay man's) delight... set on stun, and gently reminds all us young ladies that sometimes we DO have to know when to say when, to reach out and take our destiny gently by hand.

Charming. Adorable. Lovely. An escape that is flowers and gowns and -- yes! -- lots of cake, Ed Burns as the man Heigl loves who is lost to her younger sister may be winning, but dark-eyed, genuinely tuned in James Marsden is the thinking hunk with the slow smile that melts you.

What else would be watching on a rainy afternoon? After all, sometimes you just want to drift away on a river of eye candy, not think or get deep... for those times, this is something you can guilty pleasure and glean a few little lessons from at the same time.


We three girls of C. Orrico are going to be Celebrity Bartending at Amici's tomorrow night... Drink specials, fashion tips and a great cause: St. Eds! Now that the holidays are over, Valentines Day is still weeks away, this is a reason to get dressed, come out and see a bunch of old friends, new friends and friends you don't know yet!
Amicis is on South County Road, diagonally across the fountain from the store...
We will be sending everyone home with a smile... 
So, come on out...


She's absolutely a legend for a reason: Lilly Pulitzer rocks the brightly colored, festive prints and sleek cuts with an insouciance that's more than carefree, it's definitive. And when it's time for Lilly to suit up to be Lilly, the fashion icon doesn't just go to the source, she enlists the girls of C. Orrico and Lilly head designer Mira Jarvinen.
Always a treat to have Lilly in the house, it was girl talk, silhouette options and, yes, a lot of laughing when the raison Technicolor stopped by to sample a few of this season's more sophisticated looks, including the pink and white trench style jacket that is impossibly clean, yet utterly frolicsome.

Well, Maybe Just Onnnne...

Thursday night, put on your bow and your pearls and get down to Amici, where the girls of C. Orrico -- Kathie, Casey and Colleen -- will be celebrity bartending for St. Eds. We're talking somewhere between Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" and Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face"... 
We're gonna laugh a lot, chat a lot, mix a lot, and hopefully raise a bunch of money for something very close to our hearts.
Bloodies, Madras, G&Ts and any number of chilled whites, lovely reds and various drafts, whatever you want tapped, we're your girls! Come on down, put your money on the counter and see what we've got on tap.

The Great Race

Place Div /Tot Gende/Tot Name City St Guntime Pace

778 129/185 760/1241 Colleen Orrico   Palm Beach FL 32:47 10:33

These are my stats for the 5K run yesterday for The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure along Flagler Drive. It really doesn't matter how you did it, but that you did it! It is always very gratifying participating in the entire morning. Everyone from the store did the walk and had a blast before going to work. We love being able to get out there and make a difference. It's not just the pink bow to remind you about breast cancer, it's doing something to make a difference!!!

Thank you to all who participated.


Boxes and boxes and boxes….They're coming in and we're ripping them open!The first of the season four Lilly deliveries are here,…and we're overwhelmed, so we can't begin to imagine how our faithful Lilly Lovers will feel…That said, after a rousing game of dress-up, A bunch of us landed on our favorite by farThe Betsy:Flattering, figure-framing, sleek, clean, fresh.Straight across the clavicle strapless, gently flared skirt, heavy white braid adorning the top and then sweeping down and away along the overlay, cut-away skirt.Right now, the gently sheening day-to-night, be-what-you-want-it-to-be wonder Is here in pretty pink Hibiscus or seriously glam True Navy.Mid-March, we'll have positively Aegean turquoise Via Blue.A sweet little afternoon number or with pearls for an intimate candle-lit dinner at CafĂ© L'Europe or Club Colette, this is a dress that can swing by Dixie Highway Antique Stores as easy as it can cheek-to-cheek under the stars.$328 takes you anywhere you wanna go,turning heads and breaking hearts all along the way.


Michael Kors made a personal appearance in Palm Beach. Of course I went. He is someone that would make any dull event a top three if he attended. Full of life and no doubt loves what he does, and he he does it well. I tried this amazing Mrs. Roper goes to the ball gown on. I loved it. He helped me in the dressing area. I had fun. This is his list:

Michael Kors makes critical creative choices daily, so we asked him to choose between these pairs to reveal a little something about his personality and outlook:
Aston-Martin or hybrid?
Kors: Aston-Martin
Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks?
Kors: Manolo Blahnik
iPhone or Blackberrry?
Kors: iPhone
Capri or St. Tropez?
Kors: Capri
Las Vegas or Los Angeles?
Kors: L.A.
'American Idol' or 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Kors: 'American Idol'
China or Russia?
Kors: Russia
Pool or ocean?
Kors: Ocean
Eco-couture or haute couture?
Kors: Haute couture
Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?
Kors: Super Tuesday
Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Kors: Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes?
Kors: Angelina Jolie
Splenda or sugar?
Kors: Splenda
Tennis or golf?
Kors: Tennis
Red carpet or runway?
Kors: Red carpet
Celebrity designers or designing celebrities?
Kors: Celebrity designers
Rehab chic or Amy Winehouse?
Kors: Rehab chic
Lindsay or Britney?
Kors: Lindsay
Andy Warhol or Richard Prince?
Kors: Andy Warhol
Christian Dior or Emilio Pucci?
Kors: Pucci
The new black or the old black?
Kors: The new black
Mexico or Canada?
Kors: Canada
Status handbag or status watch?
Kors: Status handbag
'Atonement' or 'American Gangster?'
Kors: 'American Gangster'
'Cashmere Mafia' or 'Sex & the City'?
Kors: 'Sex & the City'
Cashmere or cotton?
Kors: Cashmere
Dark denim or white jeans?
Kors: White jeans
Bottled water or Cristal?
Kors: Cristal
Coffee or tea?
Kors: Tea
Orchids or peonies?
Kors: Peonies
Flying private or JetBlue?
Kors: Private
Melania Trump or Ivana Trump?
Kors: Melania Trump
Uptown or downtown?
Kors: Downtown
Ball gown or cocktail dress?
Kors: Cocktail dress
Bikini or boardshort?
Kors: Bikini
Mr. Chow's or Nobu?
Kors: Mr. Chow's
Sunglasses or hats?
Kors: Sunglasses
Bouffant or bob?
Kors: Bouffant

The Girls Quest

Quest magazine will have a fabulous story about us in their Feb issue. The store was written by the incredible Holly Gleason. Here is a sneak peak at some of the verbiage.

“I don't think we were looking to create a look,” says the irrepressible Kathie Orrico, of C. Orrico, the store she helms with her sisters Casey and Colleen. “I think it was about clothes that were fresh and pretty, you know, you could play in, lunch in, go out in… and if you're trying to serve where you are, well, there is only one Palm Beach.” C. Orrico, the pink and white striped awning outpost that reigns over “the Island”'s storied South County Road, has been keeping their Audrey Hepburn meets Gidget vitality for over two decades - and the secret is recognizing that active people want to be pretty, but not frilly. To that end, they know the sexiest thing of all is a woman who is completely alive. “Our customers live their lives,” laughs Casey, whose sons Jack and Harry attend Rosarian Academy. “They play tennis, ride horses, run businesses, sell real estate, have families… They need their clothes to function, but they don't want to concede beauty for function's sake.”

Think Pink

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is on Saturday January 19, 2008. C. Orrico is walking to support all of our friends and customers who have been diagnosed with and survived breast cancer. Good luck to all who race and we will see you on Flagler.


If it takes a village, C. Orrico knows it's about an entire island... and they're very quick to share their riches, as Jack Warman -- son of the always laughing Casey and her husband Keith -- turns 12 TODAY!
And how does someone who's grown up surrounded by pink & green celebrate hitting an even dozen? Beyond dinner en famille at Jean Pierre -- what can we say? Jack loves the escargot! -- it's going to be a 10 pound tenderloin roasted at one of our houses, enough for a small army, with brownies and real whipped cream.

What can we say? The boys have been raised right.

After all, it's their Aunt Kathie who warns each and everyone about life in "goodie purgatory," where if -- should something terrible befall you -- your transition to the next life will be plagued by that last brownie, ice cream or slice of cake you didn't eat.

No good aunt allows her nephews to ever be in danger of "goodie purgatory." Thankfully, this birthday, Jack is more than protected from a fate worse than broccoli!

The Furry

This is an amazing painting by our dearest friend Barry Van Gerbig. His paintings are whimsical and innocent intricate and detailed to beyond the eye can see. This particular painting is The Fury and stands 4 feet by 5 feet.

He has originals in all shapes and sizes with creatures big and small. We love every animal you create.


Sneak a peak at spring Lilly… before it hits the store.
The spring fling is something to behold. Bright! Blooming! Bold!
As you’ve come to expect from Lilly, the most frolicsome festive clothes to be had, it’s pretty prints, classic silhouettes, fabulous touches and enough color to make a peacock seem pale. Whether it’s the to-die-for extreme white dragons on navy print or the multi-turbo-pastel paisley or even the oversized hibiscus, Lilly this spring is at peak exuberance.
If you’re looking for slouchy pants, a statement sundress, a flippy skirt, a sexy cover-up or the signature tankini – not to mention myriad evening options – Lilly’s Spring 2008 eclipses the always fresh designs, simple lines and joie de play that makes her free’n’breezy styles the first call for a very special kind of girl… or woman who knows the power of always being in the moment.

The Quest

This is Grace and Chris Meigher. Chris is the owner and editor in chief of Quest Magazine. We just want to thank you for featuring our store in the Worth Avenue shopping guide. We are honored to have been grouped with all of those wonderful vendors.
Our ad looks great too!
Stay tuned for next months Quest we will have a two page store on C. Orrico and the sisters.

Bruce Almighty

One of our favorite restaurants in town is Cafe L' Europe. As always the man at the helm, Bruce makes every dinning experience almost unreal. The food is impeccable and the service is flawless. Bruce thank you for being you. Please keep fussing over all of us, we need you.

Book Ends

The Leidy boys are the cutest as book ends in this picture. Anyone should be lucky enough to be the middle. We love you Chris and Bobby.
The Orrico's

Think Pink

Just two more weeks until the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in West Palm Beach on Flagler Drive. The race is Saturday January 19, 2008.

We have a suprise

We have a big surprise for you soon. We can't say anything until everything is final but the ball is in motion. Keep your fingers crossed because you are going to like it.
Hint Hint

Site Down

This was totally out of our control. We apologize for any inconveniences but we are up and running now. I just really want to thank the guys who took control and moved our information to a new server. We owe you one.

Best Party Ever

The Beach Bash put on by Quest Magazine and Lilly Pulitzer at Mar A LaCheck Spellinggo was the best. It was a real Aaronesque evening of citrus and bursts of color every where ones eye looked. Parties in Palm Beach should have a dress code: Lilly's only! No earth tones please. Take a look at the first few pictures.

Can't go wrong with this palette of love!

Brad, Ivanka, and Elizabeth. The hosts with the most. You guys look great in your Lilly's.

Mira, Stewart, and Kathie. Thank you for all the great dresses Mira, We love you!

A New Day

Today, the very first day of the year is coined the best day to start new again. Start a diet, a friendship, a project, a new attitude, a new concept, anything a heart desires. So close your eyes and think of what to start new. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Have a great New Years Day and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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