He may not be Bob Dylan, but Jack Johnson makes us happy...! All the way back to Brushfire Fairytales -- where he wore the slicker in the downpour on the cover -- and the effervescent "Bubble Toes," we've loved his laidback, loose grooves, feel good kinda music. Not reggae, not rock, not singer/songwriter -- but kinda all of them whirled into one sunset over the ocean.
      Not afraid to amble, use an accordion for good measure and sing like he's been melted into his hammock, Sleep Through The Static was recorded completely using solar power. Maybe it's living in Hawaii, maybe it's the percolating rhythms, maybe it's just someone who'd rather see what's right in the world. We don't know, we're just glad we've got something new to listen to as we cruise A1A at the end -- or break -- of the day with the top down.

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