Happy Birthday to Us

This month Casey and Colleen celebrated their birthdays. Happy Birthday and many more to come! They celebrated with a very special gift. A one of a kind " Fruit Pizza" made exclusively by non other than Lilly herself. it was amazing. We understand their is a cookbook with all the new recipes coming soon!

Thanks Lil, it was delish!!
A few hints:
Cream cheese
Blueberry preserve
Sugar cookie dough

Last Mention

We are all obsessed by Michael Phelps. I would name my next child Michael with out hesitation. I have a MP swim cap and goggles. When I swim I pretend to be him and have no shame in admitting it. This is an amazing angle of a picture frame from his 100 meter Butterfly race which set the stage for history. You can view the whole sequence frame by frame at Sports Illusatrated.com

Thank you for a week filled with excitement and surprise.

Four years and counting until London 2012.

No Words Needed

We are speechless.

One 800th of a second


I don't know about you, but last night was thrilling in more ways than one.

Let me recount the moments.

Michael Phelps suit

Michael Phelps muscles

Michael Phelps.....

Well we can not get over Michael. Or the 4 x 100 MEN'S RELAY TEAM. I am sorry France did you say you were going to smash us? Nice try.
Go for the Gold guys. Can't wait for more tonight!



Prepare to be astonished. By any standard, the Opening Ceremony in Beijing will surpass any start to any Games in history. The most expensive opening ever was four years ago in Athens, when the Greeks spent a reported $30 million on their torch-lighting rite. The Chinese have surpassed them by a factor of 10. With an estimated $300 million budget, a seemingly never-ending cast of 15,000, and a fireworks display that's rumored to be the biggest in history, the Bird's Nest will redefine Olympic spectacle.

I will be glued to our family room TV to watch to all.

Tomorrow the games begin. Yeah!

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