Lilly Mens Designer Turns 30 with Lilly + A Nite on the Town

30 is such a great age, as Lilly Menswear designer Jeremy Pilch celebrated in true Palm Beach fashion with the muse and raison du couture Lilly Pulitzer under the stars as Renatos, the classic eatery while in town for C. Orrico's Enter The Dragon Men's Trunk Show. Seated next to the style icon, Pilch talked the fall/formal collection, tasted Lilly's planters punch and unravelled a birthday ball that contained a fortune telling magic fish, a flip flop charm, a bit of amethyst (the Feb. birth stone). stickers, a gummy bracelet proclaiming Bling Bling and a small bottle of bubbles to blow.
While Lilly didn't jump out of the cake, she did take it. Giving the young man shaping the look of Lilly Men's an oversized print of her leaping from former husband Peter Pulitzer's small plane, her own namesake shift flying. With a ps of "Don't Peak," it was the perfect present for the Calvin Klein vet who is making a name for himself with the pink, the green, the blue and the yellow.

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