Trilogies Happen

A very heartfelt apology for being absent in my writing for so long. We really have so much to catch you up on in our lives. Mom passed away Feb 16, 2012. Our hearts broke and we let ourselves heal. The whole town had to heal. Everyone loved sitting with Mamma in the store and getting life advise from a great lady.There is not a day that passes without a "mom-ism" quoted from one of us sisters, and staff and customer alike as well. Her legacy lives on all around us at the store.
Then tragically our second Mom passed in April 2013. Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau left quite a trail.... pink,green,orange and turquoise all mashed together into floral and animal printed frocks and fabrics. There are no words to say thank you except the actual simple two words themselves. Thank You Lil. The trilogy was completed when our father passed in September, the 16th as well. He was our rock and our sounding board. We still ask him "what to do" and wait for him to answer us in our dreams. And he does every time.
Forward to present day, we still have our beloved and semi-famous stores: Palm Beach,Naples,Delray Beach,Jupiter,City Place and Hobe Sound Florida. We added a little country in our lives and opened a store in Highlands North Carolina. Skeptical at first, I took my family north-west and to our surprise, We fell in love. Our third summer,this year proved a new store in a nearby town,Cashiers. It is opening by Aug 10,2014. Will there be a third in North Carolina? Don't things happen in threes. Trilogies do happen.

New Season New Store

Yesterday we debuted our newly renovated store in Palm beach to James Bradbeer, President of Lilly Pulitzer Corp. We held our breathe as he walked through the front doors. In seconds the world could hear the sigh of relief. He loved it and even applauded us. It does look really great.
Splashey accents of the hottest pink known to man adorn the pillars and a few walls.
Fresh bright shiny white bead board trim all of the walls.
Crown molding to last one a lifetime.
New lighting and a new layout.
We put our leading lady front and center...Lilly Pulitzer.
Followed by the Queens court Trina Turk,Tibi, and Shoshanna.

The back of the store is more casual beach chic. Great big dressing rooms have its own giant room.

We can't wait to see everyone and show you around!

The Lilly Road

Road trip up to King of Prussia to Lilly headquarters was a blast.
Spring 2011 was presented to us and I have several things to say.

Oh My God......Can you say Mad Men? Everything this season is 50's flirty dresses and Lilly is on it. Over 40 amazing silhouettes are in this incredible grouping.

It starts with a POP in January with a print called Pop Purple Optical confusion and finishes up with Lillys Pink Big Squeeze. This grouping came from the pop cultural influence and features a one shoulder wonder!

The Whittaker will be here in January 2011 in two prints for $258.00.

The next section is dedicated to virgins....just kidding. The White Dress presentation is breathtaking. Very soft,lacy, and pure. Very Uma meets Pfeiffer. Dresses with a strap have a two finger rule, which all of us Moms know is great for graduation or religious events. We are excited about all 12 dresses in this group.

This is the Reeve Dress at $368.00 in our door February 10, 2011.

Not to give it all away at once we will tickle you with a little at

a time.

We heart Lifeguards

My fifteen minutes or rather 15 seconds of fame. Our local news covered a story about the towns budget and cutting our Ocean Rescue....yes Lifeguards. I sat through the entire meeting in great hopes this would not happen. Well, it did not!

Sisters and an Apple

Casey and I went to The Big Apple for two days, yes I flew. Yes, It was great and I had fun. so I can't wait until September when we buy for Spring.

We stayed at Le Parker Meridien ,which houses the famous "Norma's" restaurant. Incredible food and a must do for breakfast. I will try to julienne veggies for my egg white omelets. Amazing how the ordinary veggie omelet became a work of art by just changing the texture and shape of an ingredient. Huh? Food for thought... yeah yeah no pun intended. oh and do not get the $1000.00 caviar omelet, but if you do can I have a taste?

Off to the shows for our November/December buy. Milly's theme : Jackie O goes sailing. Very fresh bright yellow, true navy, cornflower blue all with bright whites + sailboats of course.

Tibi went Safari. Muted drab khaki,light lavender,safari beige and of course great sparkles. We found a few new lines,which you will see in the late fall. No no you can't know about it now. It wouldn't be a surprise then silly. Nanette outdid her self with embellishments galore in all the right spaces.

Great restaurant for dinner, Serafina between Park and Madison on 61st. Whole wheat aglio e olio, giant chicken milanese, and mouth watering salmon. Great neighborhood and people watching galore.

After I went for quite a long walk all over 5th and Madison soaking up the city, I ran into so many people from our area. No anonymity for me. Good thing I am an open book huh?

Randoms I came upon, of all people, two of the Lilly print designers....Jeff and Paige. I will be seeing you in a few weeks up in KOP to see Spring 2011. Then I headed right to the pink and green of Madison Ave. Good to see how the other half lives. Somehow it works for me a little better in Palm Beach, but the New York scene deserves a bought of Lilly now and then.

We (heart) The Love List

Not too long ago,I recieved a facebook message from a "friend". Her name is Jessica Graves and she has a blog named The Love List.

She was going to be in Palm Beach and wanted to stop by and chat. Thankfully I did respond back to Jessica and told her it would be great... blah blah blah. Out of sight, out of mind. Fast forward.

On Tuesday mid afternoon a groovy young girl walked in wearing Jules Reid with a Krystal Sasso necklace and turquoise blue nail polish. She of course caught my eye. As she approached me telling me she had written to me ect..... I thought to myself yet again..... by the skin of my teeth. Luckily, I was in the store with Casey writing orders for this upcoming season and thank God I was here to meet this fun and extraordinarily talented girl. A girl who had interest in writting about us? Who would have imagined.

We had cheesecake....yes cheesecake. Cheesecake solves several problems and soothes the mind. Well at least in our book it does. We had a lovely time with Jessica, our new friend, and we can"t wait to spend more time with her in person and on her blog.

Her blog is more delicious than any cheesecake around and we are so proud to be a part of it.

One page or Two?

Okay so sorry about any confusion from the three sisters.

We had two Facebook pages.

One for a group and one for local business.

We have kept the local business page because after all we are locally global.....not an oxymoron in the least.

We started a great campaign too!

With every 50 new members a random follower will be selected to recieve a $125.00 C. ORRICO Gift Certificate! So far we have selected 3 winners!

Congratulations to Susan Ramano Trader, Ashley Jackson, and Kate Benjamin!

When we hit 1200, 1250, 1300... members we will be giving away more great prizes. Plus a special surprise when we hit 1500!

National Wear Your Lilly Day...with Lilly herself.

So some people woke up yesterday thinking it's just another hot summer day in Palm Beach. Wrong!

A few lucky people were blasted into Pink orbit while shopping in our store right next to the one and only Jungle Queen herself, Lilly. After all it was wear your Lilly day and it was National.

Well at least a marked holiday in our books.

If you were on the ball or at least instinctively, as usual had your Lilly on ,we bestowed upon you a gift certificate as reward to shop and get more. We handed out scags of them in and out of the store.

An adorable family of four got the special treat of receiving their Gift right from Lilly herself. Luck of the draw she was in birthday shopping for her own daughters Liza and Minnie.

We hope the Kranich family will remember this day forever and Alexandra loves her Cameron capri pants.

What a special moment. and Thank you for supporting us.

WE Love to CRASH

So a few weeks ago was the famous Family Disney Trip. Staying as always at The Boardwalk Hotel in our fav room right off the pool. If any one watches DIY network and the show Yard Crashers with Ahmed Hassen will enjoy this one.

My husband loves this show but even more so his "man-crush" on Ahmed has me wondering a bit sometimes. I get it.... he can do yards like no other + he is funny and a guys guy. Cute too.

Well we are at the pool and my husband is starring at this guy for a bit and then jumps up from his chair and like a star struck girl (small exaggeration) screams "AHMED" Oh My God!!!

He, Ahmed, couldn't have been more personal and adorable. After all he was on a family/work vacation at Epcot's Garden Show at a speaking engagement ans we were groping him verbally and a lil' physically.

Our yard is still dull but maybe one day he will remember us!

Spring Safari

Thanks to our friends at The Palm on Park - we now have photos to show from Kathie's trip to NYC and the Spring Safari!

Kathie with Janie, the head print designer at Lilly, and Jen who owns The Palm on Park

Jen - one of our very favorive Lilly girls! - and Kris, one of the managers at The Palm on Park

Jack, one of the print designers. Jack and the other wonderful Lilly artists were painting original works of art in the lobby, which were later auctioned off.

Actor Steve Guttenburg made it to the event - but we think he forgot about the dress code, Lilly or Louder!

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