Sure, hot guys in tight pants running and jumping and throwing, and... yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, there's plenty of time to watch the boy wonder (Manning #2 son Eli who's trying to help the NY Football Giants bring home the big ring) versus Captain America (the older, more experienced, heart-melting Tom Brady, who's brought home the Supertitle with the New England Patriots before)...
If we're talking priorities, though, we're talking the "There's More To Life Than Football Sale," we're throwing out of self-defense... because, after all, a girl needs to make some big plays, too! We're talking massive ground acquisition, retail relay plays, turnovers, end runs and a whole lotta fun. 
This is the time when the double X set gets their's. Cook up some chili, whip up some nachos, bring in some beer -- and then come get your Fall Lilly (Women AND Men's) at half-off, and great lines like Nanette Lepore, Tibi and more at 40%. Maybe it's boredom, maybe it's resentment, maybe it's just the three of us need a little action.
Regardless, there's no half-time show and the only commentator is one of our friendly staff telling you how cute you look in whatever it is your heart desires!!!!
Now how 'bout that coin toss?!

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