Red Crossed C.Orrico

Clearly the best party this side of the Mississippi! Beach side at Trumps pool cabana,never ending drink supply, good eats and The Orrico Sisters..... What a way to kick off the New Year the night before!

Click on the link to watch our video and order your tickets. See you on Tuesday.

And a Star is Born

So has in sunk in yet? C. Orrico has a new one....that is web site. We have added a little something special to our family. The Sale Shack. Everything on this site is at least 25% to 50% off.
Maybe you really loved that dress but we took it off the floor, have no fear the shack is here.
Be our guest to shop your hearts delight....that is half your heart!

15 Minutes

We would love to pay homage to all the great personal,photographers,stylists and whalers at Vineyard Vines Company for giving us our 15 minutes of fame. Photshop is our hero. Vineyard Vines has been a part of the C. Orrico Family for many years now. The silhouettes are timeless and classic in a rainbow of pleasant hues great for any age or in our case shape!

Thank you to Shep and Ian for such vision and bravery to start this wonderful company.

New Digs

We are pleased to introduce our Ft. Lauderdale location. In the heart of town, of course, on Las Olas Boulevard. 814 to be exact. We have a Lilly Pulitzertm Shop within our C. Orrico Store. We are featuring other lines such as Trina Turk,Theory, Tibi, Three Dot, Taka, and Taj and many more lines. Grand opening party will be soon, please give us time to get settle in our newest house.
We hope you find the way to us this season in any of our stores in South Florida. It's where everyone comes to play, not just Palm Beach!
C. Orrico
814 Las Olas Blvd
Fl Lauderdale,Fl 33133

Quoted Kathie

Kathie ,worlds leading fashionista, has a great quote in the Washington Post we would love to share with you.

Michelle Obama wears it well
Style seen as accessible
Andrea Billups (At 5-feet-11 in her stocking feet, political wife Michelle Obama is supermodel tall and "the perfect mannequin" for fashion.
Since she hit the campaign trail in support of her husband last year, she has soared to the top of best-dressed lists and has been a much-in-demand cover model for women's magazines, which have touted her graceful but accessible personal style, wearing everything from upscale designers to mass-marketed H&M frocks.
For the first time perhaps, an American political figure, albeit a candidate's wife, has stepped out in garments that real-life women can purchase at the mall, and they are responding to her get-real savvy for dressing.
"I think she proves that elegance doesn't have to be expensive," observes Palm Beach stylist
Cathy Orrico, whose namesake boutique C.Orrico, filled with colorful Lilly Pulitzer designs and beach-inspired apparel, has been dressing the well-heeled for years.
"It's thrilling to see her day in and day out at a realm of taste that is not a couture proposition," she said.
For your reading pleasure please follow the link:

Lady Goodman Is "Better Than A Memory"

C. Orrico girls turn up in the most unlikely places…
Like the Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, getting an “I Wish I Wrote That Song” Award from the most legendary songwriters of our day for the two week #1 “Better As A Memory” from Kenny Chesney’s double platinum Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates.
She’s called Lady Goodman on the record – and her co-writer the handsome Travis Hill is Scooter Carusoe. In real life, she’s our good friend Holly Gleason, an original Lilly Lover – and midwifer of dreams from everyone from John Prine and Emmylou Harris to Brooks & Dunn, Patty Loveless, Lee Ann Womack and last night’s Hall of Fame inductee Matraca Berg – who was saluted with a Kim Carnes rendering of Berg’s CMA Song of the Year “Strawberry Wine.”
Not exactly where you’d expect to see us, perhaps. But when you have friends who write lines like “My only friends are pirates, it’s just who I am…,” you know they have that state of mind that marks a true C. Orrico original.

Jump for Jubilee

The November 2008 issue of T&C, our insiders bible to the well dresses and educated, has featured Lilly in the hottest trends now. The Jubilee line that was created in celebration of our Lady of the Jungles 50th anniversary is a must. A must have and a must wear for the Resort 08 season and the next fifty years. WE are sure you will be seeing this line depicted quite often in the upcoming issues of all fashion magazines. You can get the much anticipated Jubilee pieces this November at .

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Go Shopping!

"Fashion of the 1930s was directly influenced by the great Wall Street Crash of October 24, 1929 and subsequent Depression. The Autumn, 1930 Sears Catalogue admonished, “Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past.” The beginning of the decade saw women sewing more. Clothing was mended and patched before being replaced. Less ready-to-wear garments were purchased, even though styles were dramatically changing."

For a lack of a better word.... Yuck.

Could it really come down to this. I don't even know how to thread a needle without pricking several fingers.

The next few weeks will be harsh for business nationwide, but we will rise above all the spoil and continue to be the happy pink and green mecca of hope we have been for 24 years now. If you are feeling down and out come on in and sit with the sisters and have a laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine. Also it will make you feel better the whole store is on SALE. What a wonderful time to have one.

Hollywould has a Secret.....

Hollywood has many secrets, but HOLLYWOULD only has one.

She is coming to C.ORRICO this Season.

We can't wait to start playing with you this season Holly. Consider her the fourth sister. Her style and grace has impacted us as a family for over 10 years now. She is an impeccable designer with a flare for the most current wearable trend of the times. Each season she brings a whole new twist to her palette of revolving shoes and dresses.

We will be debuting her new Resort collection November 2008 in the Renovated Palm Beach location.

Two Words: SHOE & SALE

Why do these two words set women into a fury? SHOE & SALE Why is one pair of shoes not enough? Two's company, Two is better than one, or misery loves company? These are the mysteries in life we choose not to investigate. We are celebrating the mystery of two pair is better than one with an amazing shoe sale.

Lilly shoes are 50% - 75% off.

Take advantage of the phenomenon and hoard your shoes for the season. Don't forget about Christmas gifts and backing up that favorite pair you have already worn out!

Summer 2008 and Spring 2008 and past collections Shop till your feet are satisfied.

Hurricane Season or Fall?

Down here in Hurricane alley we are all breathing a sigh of relief over Hanna. She has a mind of her own, Tropical storm to Hurricane and back twice again, she is allegedly skirting the coast of Florida.

Our fall shipments are arriving at the same time so we keep our minds busy on the new product.

Thankfully we just received Fall 08 Trina Turk. Chic and sophisticated is the name of the game the first quarter of our season. Simple and easy just as well.

Take a whirl and shop the newest of our favorite Lady next to Lilly! TRINA TRUK on CORRICO.COM
This dress called the Origami Dress has a scoop back and is eye popping with the exact balance of jewel toned pattern.

Happy Birthday to Us

This month Casey and Colleen celebrated their birthdays. Happy Birthday and many more to come! They celebrated with a very special gift. A one of a kind " Fruit Pizza" made exclusively by non other than Lilly herself. it was amazing. We understand their is a cookbook with all the new recipes coming soon!

Thanks Lil, it was delish!!
A few hints:
Cream cheese
Blueberry preserve
Sugar cookie dough

Last Mention

We are all obsessed by Michael Phelps. I would name my next child Michael with out hesitation. I have a MP swim cap and goggles. When I swim I pretend to be him and have no shame in admitting it. This is an amazing angle of a picture frame from his 100 meter Butterfly race which set the stage for history. You can view the whole sequence frame by frame at Sports

Thank you for a week filled with excitement and surprise.

Four years and counting until London 2012.

No Words Needed

We are speechless.

One 800th of a second


I don't know about you, but last night was thrilling in more ways than one.

Let me recount the moments.

Michael Phelps suit

Michael Phelps muscles

Michael Phelps.....

Well we can not get over Michael. Or the 4 x 100 MEN'S RELAY TEAM. I am sorry France did you say you were going to smash us? Nice try.
Go for the Gold guys. Can't wait for more tonight!



Prepare to be astonished. By any standard, the Opening Ceremony in Beijing will surpass any start to any Games in history. The most expensive opening ever was four years ago in Athens, when the Greeks spent a reported $30 million on their torch-lighting rite. The Chinese have surpassed them by a factor of 10. With an estimated $300 million budget, a seemingly never-ending cast of 15,000, and a fireworks display that's rumored to be the biggest in history, the Bird's Nest will redefine Olympic spectacle.

I will be glued to our family room TV to watch to all.

Tomorrow the games begin. Yeah!

Boy Oh Boy!!!

Caden John is C. Orrico's newest friend weighing in at 7lbs 3 oz.

Diana and Michael Perry welcomed their son into our happy world today. Congratulations and job well done. We can not wait to have him in the store for play time with the Orrico girls.

Cornelias Quest

This months Quest Magazine features Cornelia Guest as the cover girl. Of course donning her Lilly dress. She really is the epitome of classic style and elegance. The article says it all.

Accessorized in only the simplest Turquoise earring teardrops.

She is also one of our dearest friends. We thank her for always supporting C. Orrico over the past 20 years. She always gives us credit. We couldn't ask for a better head cheerleader. Sis Bum Rah! We love you.


you look absolutely gorgeous and that is what everyone has said upon picking up the copy at the store.

New or Nui

Sneak peak for this upcoming season we found a really cool designer. Her name is Nui. She has one style dress that we can not live without. One size fits all in the softest jersey knit. I thought the same thing. Jersey knit? One size? This dress can not fit well. WRONG!
I just received my Nui yesterday to try. I am never taking it off. Then we tried it on our girls in the store. They range from size 2 to size 10. They all looked great. The length can be adjusted with one straight snip with scissors. We have a plethora of colors and prints coming in this Fall. Wear it with flips or dress it up with strappy Choos. Pashmina wrap it or jean jacket, either way you won't take it off either.

Swimming Lessons

This past weekend Casey,Kathie and myself took off to Miami for a night of googling at scantily clad models walking the walk at the Tibi Swimsuit Fashion Show.

Yes we will be carrying the line. Yes, it is amazing. It will be in the stores November 15, 2008 for Resort wear.

We dined at Devitos... more like a good ole pig out, but we will go with dined. The next day we spent at the Swim Show. We should basically change the name of our store to Tunics R Us. Tunics everywhere. Is there an easier item on the planet? We also saw Trina Turks Swim Line. Can you say A M A Z I N G!!! OK so the store next season will rival Swim n Sport. We will just call our new location C. Orrico Swim...

Kenny in C. Orrico?

Our dear friend Kenny Chesney came to visit us today ..... Fooled you. My crazy sister "borrowed" this advertisement out of a certain grocery store today.

We now have him in the store for you to play with. He is actually a lot of fun.

Come by and see him.

Florence Forever

I am going to cook every night for the rest of my life. Why. Because I met Tyler Florence today in Atlanta. Me Casey and Kathie were at a seminar at the Merchandise Mart today for Tyler's new book, Tyler's Ultimate. He made the Pork Tenderloin and Grilled potato salad with a side of Verde sauce. They passed out little sampler plates of this delicious dish. To say the least we will be having pork when we get back in town.
Tyler is a beefcake in every sense of the word. Someone in the audience requested to ask a personal question. Tyler looked down with a devilish smirk and said, " What boxers or briefs?" The audience giggled for a whole minute. He stole our hearts with his adorable personality. What came thru all the fun, he truly loves his job. His job: to teach us how to cook properly and appreciate food to the point of "having a moment" when tasting food.
Thanks Tyler I will not forget today's lesson for some time to come.

Wireless Route

I love my new wireless router card for my computer. Hence, I am not incommunicado.

Well, we have stopped twice and it is only 8:31. Only 6 more to go and I win.

We felt incredibly guilty passing Disney. M I C K E Y Mouse....lalalalala

We are fully loaded on Starbucks. Kathie is driving I am co-pilot and Casey.... Shhhh she is asleep. Well she woke up for a minute yelled at us for stopping to hard at a Sunpass gate and then went back to sleep.

The joys of a roadtrip.

We are off

Ok It is 5:45 am and we are on the road. Already I have been asked not to back seat drive.

So sorry, but when the speed limit is 55mph and you are at a lightning speed of 42mph and to boot in the exit lanes merging constantly, than I feel the need to speak up.
Kathie has us fully loaded with every snack known to man. Of course Whole Foods finest. We are organic. The ultimate green machine.

It is still dark out but when the sun comes up and we hit a fun destination I will add photos of the famous "Orrico Sister Road Trip".

Road Trip

Three sisters, one car, 10 hours.

This epic trip will take us in a loaded Suburban from Palm Beach all the way to Atlanta.

Tune in for candid pictures of the famous Orrico Sister Road Trip. Do not try this at home kids.

We are headed to the Home Show in Atlanta. The icing on the cake.

Kenney Chesney will be in concert Sunday July 13. Guess who has backstage passes....

See you tomorrow at 5:30 am when the fun starts.
Guess how many times we will stop on the way up.... Mine is 8.

King of the Courts

Well I have been watching Tennis all day long. One Match. Two Champions. One winner.

Rafael Nadal won his first Wimbledon Title today against rival and 5 time champ Roger Federer.

After rain delays and 5 sets with uncountable tie breaker points and match points missed It ended 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 9-7.

Personally, I love Roger, and I love his sweater with the "F" embroidered on the left flank. I think I need one with an "O".

Congratulations to both. Can't wait til the US Open.

Big Bang

To celebrate the Fourth of July we are open from 11-5. Then we will get ready for our fireworks celebration.

Eat hot dogs and have a beer if permitting.

Happy Fourth of July.

Don't forget about the SALE which will end tomorrow.

Large Iced Latte

This will not be an enormous undertaking. Although Starbucks is closing over 600 of their stores nationwide, you can still survive without caffeine withdrawal.
Just get an espresso maker. Nothing fancy, any kind will do.
Make the espresso.
Fill a glass with ice.
Pour your espresso in.
Top it off with iced cold milk.
You can make it with vanilla extract or get flavorings at any specialty store.
Every time I walk into my girlfriends house I make one right off the bat. I also make one every morning at home. To boot it's all organic at home!!
May this give you some hope for the future.

Olympic Customer

We have a wonderful family in town with a bon a fide Olympian as a member. Not just any Olympian, but a record breaking multiple time medal winning come back kid. Kid? Well she still looks like one, but is actually Dara Grace Torres and she was born April 15, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. She was the first swimmer in the US to compete in four Olympics: 1984, 1988, 1992, and 2000.
She has won nine Olympic medals, including four golds, and won five medals alone in at Sydney in 2000, the Games in which she was the eldest member on the team with her 33 years. On August 1st, 2007 at the age of 40 (just 15 months after giving birth to her first child), she won gold in the 100 meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, her 14th win at these events. She then followed that up on August 4th, by breaking her own American record in the 50 m freestyle.
She is currently training for the 2008 Summer Olympics and would become the first swimmer to make five Olympic teams and the oldest female Olympic swimmer, at age 41, were she to make the team.
Be sure to watch her qualify on non other than July 4, 2008 televised from Oklahoma. Over 70 of her immediate and extended family will be there to cheer her on. We will be cheering from home.
Bring it home Dara!

Monkey in the Middle

Last night a group of great friends gathered at a local hot spot, The Cottage
We came to celebrate our friend Sarah's second baby. The theme....Monkey's. Our endearing name for all offspring. It started at 7pm...We all played until midnight. I'd say it was a success.
She is adding to her brood, but his time It's a Boy. Congratulations my friend..... We love you.

French Luau

Happy Birthday to you..... Make a wish Nicole..... Throwing a themed party now catapults me into global event planning. I put together a luau themed birthday party at a french restaurant which was incredibly fun if I do say so myself. We had leis and grass skirts, tiki torches and tiki huts. Stay tuned for my next intergalactic event.

Nicole blowing out her candles... only 32 of them.
The girls!!
Hear no see no say no....fill in the blank.
The originals...
Our very own Hula


Jay Mulvaney
Jay Mulvaney is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer whose books include Diana & Jackie: Maidens, Mothers, Myths; Jackie: the Clothes of Camelot; and Kennedy Weddings: A Family Album. He visits Palm Beach often, but lives in New York City.
Our dear friend past away on Saturday June 7, 2008. Without Jay we would not have had two wonderful books written, in just the right way, about our "Lady of the Jungle"...Lilly. God bless and keep you safe.

Population Boom

Today started as any other day. I came to work with many projects in mind and expecting a busy day with the sale. To my surprise my friend Kate came in with her twin girls, Lilly ( named appropriately) and Brooke ( still a great name). One second later my other friend Nicole came with her little one RJ. Now we have three. Wait one more second and another set of twins came in, Zoe and John Jr. with there mommy, yes our friend too.
Needless to say, no projects were complete and all of the customers stopped in awe over the beautiful babies.
We had such a wonderful time with all five of them,it can not be described. Thank God we have three girls, future clients of C. Orrico!!!! We love the boys too!

Who's YOUR Daddy?

We are the great and powerful MOTHERS!
Girls, hopefully behind all of us is a Dad, whether your husband or your Father, they DESERVE celebration.
So now what? It is too hard, they have everything they need. Men do not hoard shoes or jewelry. So what do you get them?

We have made it easy so you can get something too....
Select men's is on sale now Swim trunks 25% off
Blazers 50% off
Shirts 50% off
even Cashmere sweaters and socks 50% off.
Gift wrapped and shipped and room for your picks too.
Call us and we help you with sizing and prints.
Happy Fathers Day!!!

Better late than NEVER

What are the odds that eight of my closest friends did not see "Sex and the City The Movie" until Wednesday night? After all it had been running in theaters for 10 days. What had we done for ten days?
Well at 6:20 Wednesday night we were amazed, heart-broken, tickled silly, delighted, and shocked for 2hours and 35 minutes. After we went to dinner and talked about it for hours.
All of us left children,husbands, and houses to be with our Four favorite New Yorkers.
I thank all of you who had seen the movie and kept the elements safe and sound so I could experience it in full.
I also am looking for the book....That great book.. Love letters of Great Men
Way to go Big... you finally got it.

Party Hearty

We have been in meetings for the past few days with Lilly Pulitzer Corporate. Corporate can be dull and boring but mix in
Lilly Pulitzer, The Breakers Hotel, the beautiful sunny beaches and...........not so corporate.
We saw the new Resort 2008 Jubilee line, the Steinway Lilly Piano, The Lilly Jeep, smelled the new fragrance, tried on the Sunglasses and thumbed through the stationary and gift card samples.
Tired,not even...
Excited doesn't even do it justice
Come November your pink and green head will spin from the choices you will have.
When faced with a choice between two pick both...

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