When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Go Shopping!

"Fashion of the 1930s was directly influenced by the great Wall Street Crash of October 24, 1929 and subsequent Depression. The Autumn, 1930 Sears Catalogue admonished, “Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past.” The beginning of the decade saw women sewing more. Clothing was mended and patched before being replaced. Less ready-to-wear garments were purchased, even though styles were dramatically changing."

For a lack of a better word.... Yuck.

Could it really come down to this. I don't even know how to thread a needle without pricking several fingers.

The next few weeks will be harsh for business nationwide, but we will rise above all the spoil and continue to be the happy pink and green mecca of hope we have been for 24 years now. If you are feeling down and out come on in and sit with the sisters and have a laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine. Also it will make you feel better the whole store is on SALE. What a wonderful time to have one.

Hollywould has a Secret.....

Hollywood has many secrets, but HOLLYWOULD only has one.

She is coming to C.ORRICO this Season.

We can't wait to start playing with you this season Holly. Consider her the fourth sister. Her style and grace has impacted us as a family for over 10 years now. She is an impeccable designer with a flare for the most current wearable trend of the times. Each season she brings a whole new twist to her palette of revolving shoes and dresses.

We will be debuting her new Resort collection November 2008 in the Renovated Palm Beach location.

Two Words: SHOE & SALE

Why do these two words set women into a fury? SHOE & SALE Why is one pair of shoes not enough? Two's company, Two is better than one, or misery loves company? These are the mysteries in life we choose not to investigate. We are celebrating the mystery of two pair is better than one with an amazing shoe sale.

Lilly shoes are 50% - 75% off.

Take advantage of the phenomenon and hoard your shoes for the season. Don't forget about Christmas gifts and backing up that favorite pair you have already worn out!

Summer 2008 and Spring 2008 and past collections Shop till your feet are satisfied.

Hurricane Season or Fall?

Down here in Hurricane alley we are all breathing a sigh of relief over Hanna. She has a mind of her own, Tropical storm to Hurricane and back twice again, she is allegedly skirting the coast of Florida.

Our fall shipments are arriving at the same time so we keep our minds busy on the new product.

Thankfully we just received Fall 08 Trina Turk. Chic and sophisticated is the name of the game the first quarter of our season. Simple and easy just as well.

Take a whirl and shop the newest of our favorite Lady next to Lilly! TRINA TRUK on CORRICO.COM
This dress called the Origami Dress has a scoop back and is eye popping with the exact balance of jewel toned pattern.

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