Well, there is NOTHING more breath-taking than the dining room of the Beach Club -- looking out on the crashing waves of the Atlantic. Those breakers remind you just how powerful the world we live in truly is...
Easily as powerful as all the generous people who bid over $10,000 on the silent auction, donated over another $1000 for some of the most gorgeous orchids we've seen in a very long time and generally enjoyed lunch and a lot of fresh spring styles... 
Once we catch up with ourselves, we'll have pictures posted (because seeing the looks IS the next best thing to being there...)
but now, we Orricos are huddling and readying for the Dragon. The Lilly Pulitzer Men's Trunk Show, which will preview the fall and formal wear that's coming. Order some of the most insane tuxes -- a la carte, so you can have a Black Watch Plaid dinner jacket to rakishly sport with worn jeans or a Lilly striped pair of tux pants that flare your evening wear in the most unexpected way.
As always the colors are deep and rich. The materials luxurious. The cuts sleek, close to the body, yet utterly now. To have timeless classics shot through with whimsy and a certain brash shock factor truly is a highwire walk of death-defying proportions, and Lilly Creative Director Doug Conklyn will be on hand Saturday afternoon to talk about the challenges of being thoroughly modern Lilly!

It's Valentine's Day. Do come in... Pick up a little something for the one(s) you live. After all, Love Is... Something from C. Orrico!

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