Count Down

On Sunday Lilly Pulitzer and Quest magazine are hosting a cocktail party at the Mar a Lago Beach Club. If you aren't going you are missing out. Why celebrate New Years eve on the eve, and not the day before? We are. It is the new cool thing to do. Isn't it? Don't forget to wear your Lilly's and look cool, OK!

Land Ho

Last night was our Lake Clarke Shores Christmas Boat Parade. Everyone did an amazing job decorating their boats. My 2 1/2 year old thought it was the bomb!

The Grinch Who Made Christmas

Last night at Our Beach Club was the annual Kids Christmas party. All of the kids had a great time with the Grinch! The music was festive and the choir sang like angels. Thank you to all who had a hand in putting this great event together.

Preservation and Perry

Last night Diana and Michael perry hosted a lovely cocktail party at the Preservation Societies Pan Garden. It was a wonderful evening weather wise and everyone looked festive in their holiday glitter. Thank you for the invitation and the Veuve Clicquot . Merry Christmas.

Thank you

I want to thank all the teachers at the Discovery Dayschool in West Palm Beach. You make our children learn wonderful lessons everyday and make each day so special. We all owe you so much. There is nothing more precious than our children.

Were you a good little girl?

Santa himself came to visit the C.Orrico girls today. We each sat on the big pink couch with him and begged him for lots of goodies. He asked us if we were good this year, and we all agreed, Yes we were!!!

Thank you for the visit, see you in 9 days!

Something from Down under

One of our customers has a real live Kangaroos for pets. She shared their stories after she ordered her Lilly on line. Thank you for the pictures Tammy keep us updated on your precious baby Missy and we are sorry for your loss of your "Jo" last year. She was beautiful. Have a wonderful holidays season.

Suzu's petals

If you aren't watching It's a wonderful life tonight I hate to say it, but you are a loser. Oh, you are at a great Christmas party are ya? OK so you have no time at all to watch it this season... sure you do. Get an I phone and load it. It is a must during the season.

Meeting with a view

Our really "stressful " meeting with the Lilly Men's designer(far right) and the Lilly girls. It was also the farwell lunch to Kathies birthday week. Until next year.

Luca I'm Lucky

A few of us were invited by Nicole Munder our dear friend to a wonderful luncheon at Luca Luca.
We enjoyed viewing the latest fashions and had a delectable lunch. Also did we mention the sweet gift certificate as our gift. Thank you very much.

Happy Birthday To You

This is the astrology page and Kathie is actually listed as one of the stars born today! Who knew one of us would be famous. Happy Birthday Kathie

Tuesday, December 11
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Your eyes are your most outstanding feature and may be large and soulfully expressive, capable of conveying a great deal of passion. Music, dance, glamour, and escape are important, perhaps necessary, to your happiness. Unlike some Sagittarians, you’re exquisitely graceful and may be a talented athlete or dancer. The fragrance of rose has special significance and evokes a host of memories and a cozy feeling of wellbeing. You can benefit from using rose oil as a calming, soothing aromatherapy tool. No matter how passionately or aggressively you live your life, you remain a lover of beauty, art, and sensual pleasure. Your powerful emotions drive you to extremes, sometimes causing you to overeat or otherwise overindulge. Because you tend to be compulsive and reactive, it’s important to carefully monitor your environment and the people who populate it. Do yourself a favor and avoid situations that pull you down or lead you astray. Because of your sensitivity, you may waste great stores of energy and time trying to overcome negativity in your environment or relationships - instead of pursuing dreams, talents, and important projects. Never harbor anger or resentment. These emotions are toxic and can propel you into depression or self-destruction. If you’re able to harness your gifts, you have the power to heal and inspire others. But if you allow your life force to be depleted by dark and dreary forces, you run the risk of imploding. Watch your lungs and peripheral circulation and avoid smoking. Maintain muscular flexibility by practicing yoga and swimming regularly. You’re also advised to meditate daily. Born today are Kathie Orrico, Gabriel Huerta, John Kerry, Walter Knott, Nikki Sixx, Gary Dourdan, Christina Onassis, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Robert Koch, Tom Hayden, Donna Mills, Teri Garr, Jermaine Jackson, Mike Mesaros, Carlo Ponti, Hector Berlioz, Jean Marais, Susan Seidelman, Bess Armstrong, Derek Bell, Justin Currie, Lynda Day George, Rory Kennedy, Brenda Lee, Kathy Smith, Ken Wahl, James Kraft, Neil Drysdale, Danan Huges, Stu Jackson, Daryl Jones, Mo’nique, Errict Rhett, Frankie Rodriguez, Katy Steding, Jean-Louis Trentignant, Curtis Williams, Max Born and Rita Moreno.
Brought to you by Bridgett Walther, formerly Astro Abby, at

The Best in Palm Beach

This is our "best" in town section. The best wax goes to..... Completely Bare Jessica is the go to girl in my book. The entire operation is fantastic. Painless, well of course darling.
Located at :
304 S. County Rd
Palm Beach, Fl

We made it!

We have been in Disney with the entire family. What a great magical time we spent together. My babies loved the Merry Go Round and the fireworks. See you next year Mickey and thanks.

Sister Fact

Hey another sister fact... It's Kathie's Birthday this week. So we will feature her all week long. Here is her first cake given by Jeremy. They are BFF, just add water. He is actually coming to visit us tomorrow. Yeah!


We are bound for Kissimmee Florida to wish Mickey and the gang a Merry Christmas. We will have lots of stories and pictures on Sunday. Have a great weekend.


The Orrico's

Breck Girls

The other night Kathie had a blast at the New Hope Charities benefit at the Sailfish Club. She was with the original "Breck Hair" model, Margaret Luce. Together, I think they should revive that shampoo and commercial!

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