We (heart) The Love List

Not too long ago,I recieved a facebook message from a "friend". Her name is Jessica Graves and she has a blog named The Love List.

She was going to be in Palm Beach and wanted to stop by and chat. Thankfully I did respond back to Jessica and told her it would be great... blah blah blah. Out of sight, out of mind. Fast forward.

On Tuesday mid afternoon a groovy young girl walked in wearing Jules Reid with a Krystal Sasso necklace and turquoise blue nail polish. She of course caught my eye. As she approached me telling me she had written to me ect..... I thought to myself yet again..... by the skin of my teeth. Luckily, I was in the store with Casey writing orders for this upcoming season and thank God I was here to meet this fun and extraordinarily talented girl. A girl who had interest in writting about us? Who would have imagined.

We had cheesecake....yes cheesecake. Cheesecake solves several problems and soothes the mind. Well at least in our book it does. We had a lovely time with Jessica, our new friend, and we can"t wait to spend more time with her in person and on her blog.

Her blog is more delicious than any cheesecake around and we are so proud to be a part of it.

One page or Two?

Okay so sorry about any confusion from the three sisters.

We had two Facebook pages.

One for a group and one for local business.

We have kept the local business page because after all we are locally global.....not an oxymoron in the least.

We started a great campaign too!

With every 50 new members a random follower will be selected to recieve a $125.00 C. ORRICO Gift Certificate! So far we have selected 3 winners!

Congratulations to Susan Ramano Trader, Ashley Jackson, and Kate Benjamin!

When we hit 1200, 1250, 1300... members we will be giving away more great prizes. Plus a special surprise when we hit 1500!

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