Population Boom

Today started as any other day. I came to work with many projects in mind and expecting a busy day with the sale. To my surprise my friend Kate came in with her twin girls, Lilly ( named appropriately) and Brooke ( still a great name). One second later my other friend Nicole came with her little one RJ. Now we have three. Wait one more second and another set of twins came in, Zoe and John Jr. with there mommy, yes our friend too.
Needless to say, no projects were complete and all of the customers stopped in awe over the beautiful babies.
We had such a wonderful time with all five of them,it can not be described. Thank God we have three girls, future clients of C. Orrico!!!! We love the boys too!

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Anonymous said...

what cuties!!!! i'm sure they are future c.orrico shoppers & little boyfriends & girlfriends....so adorable!

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