Florence Forever

I am going to cook every night for the rest of my life. Why. Because I met Tyler Florence today in Atlanta. Me Casey and Kathie were at a seminar at the Merchandise Mart today for Tyler's new book, Tyler's Ultimate. He made the Pork Tenderloin and Grilled potato salad with a side of Verde sauce. They passed out little sampler plates of this delicious dish. To say the least we will be having pork when we get back in town.
Tyler is a beefcake in every sense of the word. Someone in the audience requested to ask a personal question. Tyler looked down with a devilish smirk and said, " What boxers or briefs?" The audience giggled for a whole minute. He stole our hearts with his adorable personality. What came thru all the fun, he truly loves his job. His job: to teach us how to cook properly and appreciate food to the point of "having a moment" when tasting food.
Thanks Tyler I will not forget today's lesson for some time to come.

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