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Kathie ,worlds leading fashionista, has a great quote in the Washington Post we would love to share with you.

Michelle Obama wears it well
Style seen as accessible
Andrea Billups (At 5-feet-11 in her stocking feet, political wife Michelle Obama is supermodel tall and "the perfect mannequin" for fashion.
Since she hit the campaign trail in support of her husband last year, she has soared to the top of best-dressed lists and has been a much-in-demand cover model for women's magazines, which have touted her graceful but accessible personal style, wearing everything from upscale designers to mass-marketed H&M frocks.
For the first time perhaps, an American political figure, albeit a candidate's wife, has stepped out in garments that real-life women can purchase at the mall, and they are responding to her get-real savvy for dressing.
"I think she proves that elegance doesn't have to be expensive," observes Palm Beach stylist
Cathy Orrico, whose namesake boutique C.Orrico, filled with colorful Lilly Pulitzer designs and beach-inspired apparel, has been dressing the well-heeled for years.
"It's thrilling to see her day in and day out at a realm of taste that is not a couture proposition," she said.
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