Party Hearty

We have been in meetings for the past few days with Lilly Pulitzer Corporate. Corporate can be dull and boring but mix in
Lilly Pulitzer, The Breakers Hotel, the beautiful sunny beaches and...........not so corporate.
We saw the new Resort 2008 Jubilee line, the Steinway Lilly Piano, The Lilly Jeep, smelled the new fragrance, tried on the Sunglasses and thumbed through the stationary and gift card samples.
Tired,not even...
Excited doesn't even do it justice
Come November your pink and green head will spin from the choices you will have.
When faced with a choice between two pick both...

1 comment:

cancersucks said...

I love the Lilly jeep! I guess I'll have to pull out my platinum cancer card for that one.

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