Who's YOUR Daddy?

We are the great and powerful MOTHERS!
Girls, hopefully behind all of us is a Dad, whether your husband or your Father, they DESERVE celebration.
So now what? It is too hard, they have everything they need. Men do not hoard shoes or jewelry. So what do you get them?

We have made it easy so you can get something too....
Select men's is on sale now Swim trunks 25% off
Blazers 50% off
Shirts 50% off
even Cashmere sweaters and socks 50% off.
Gift wrapped and shipped and room for your picks too.
Call us and we help you with sizing and prints.
Happy Fathers Day!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yay!! i love a great lilly sale! we just joined a little pool club & now this makes 2 great excuses to dress up hubs! i'm sure i'll find something for myself too...thank you!! :)

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