Better late than NEVER

What are the odds that eight of my closest friends did not see "Sex and the City The Movie" until Wednesday night? After all it had been running in theaters for 10 days. What had we done for ten days?
Well at 6:20 Wednesday night we were amazed, heart-broken, tickled silly, delighted, and shocked for 2hours and 35 minutes. After we went to dinner and talked about it for hours.
All of us left children,husbands, and houses to be with our Four favorite New Yorkers.
I thank all of you who had seen the movie and kept the elements safe and sound so I could experience it in full.
I also am looking for the book....That great book.. Love letters of Great Men
Way to go Big... you finally got it.


Anonymous said...

I just read in US mag they did a spread on some SATC mysteries & the director revealed he made up the book but the letters are real. He pulled them from other books.
I can't believe I haven't seen the movie yet!! Ugh life w/2 toddlers...At least I can have a glass of wine at night & catch up on grown up life!!
I love your blog. Thanks for helping me stay in the pink & green loop!

pink meets green said...

Ok girlfriend, get a babysitter for 3 hours even in the afternoon when they are sleeping on a Sunday. Get to the movie theater,grab a tissue and a tub of popcorn and finish this great story. You need to, I insist.
Thank you for commenting on the blog. It gives me reason to write yet another blog entry.
Have a great day and go to the movie!

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