It is here. NINETY-TWO boxes of Men's Lilly! 92 BOXES!
All the brilliant colors, lush cashmeres, fine cotton and once in a lifetime prints.

Lean pants. Bright polos. Close-cut blazers. Ties of every technicolor extraction.

More than being a peacock of a certain Technicolor palette, this is about emerging as a man not afraid of ocean hues, steroidal pastels, rich jewel tones... and yes, the print of the season: the white dragons emblazoned on midnight blue. They call it True Navy Tail Lights... we know it good fortune, exotic adventure and a whimsical gusto beyond measure.

Enter the Dragon. Exit brandishing the sangfroid cool of Bogey, 007 and Cary Grant -- clad in the mark of not just Asian good fortune, but Palm Beach style in extremis.

And as raging as this shipment of Men's Lilly is, just wait til the Presidents Day Trunk Show. Not only will they be rolling out the traditional sport, play, hang, be clothing, but the brand new formal wear will debut to resounding response. Come by, and see why soon everyone shall be chasing the dragon

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