27 Dresses (Of Course!)

It has been SUCH a whirl this week -- and yes, we had well over 100 at Amici for the Celebrity Bartending & raised a bunch of money for St Eds, so thank you all for coming -- that we didn't get to blog about -- what else? "27 Dresses."
Somewhere between Gidget, Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face" and the best Doris Day movies, Katherine Heigl is luminescent as a girl who takes being the bridesmaid never the bride to incredible levels. With a bright smile, a deep cavern of despair and the kind of comedic timing you don't experience from her on "Gray's Anatomy," this is a girly girl (and way fab gay man's) delight... set on stun, and gently reminds all us young ladies that sometimes we DO have to know when to say when, to reach out and take our destiny gently by hand.

Charming. Adorable. Lovely. An escape that is flowers and gowns and -- yes! -- lots of cake, Ed Burns as the man Heigl loves who is lost to her younger sister may be winning, but dark-eyed, genuinely tuned in James Marsden is the thinking hunk with the slow smile that melts you.

What else would be watching on a rainy afternoon? After all, sometimes you just want to drift away on a river of eye candy, not think or get deep... for those times, this is something you can guilty pleasure and glean a few little lessons from at the same time.

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