Michael Kors made a personal appearance in Palm Beach. Of course I went. He is someone that would make any dull event a top three if he attended. Full of life and no doubt loves what he does, and he he does it well. I tried this amazing Mrs. Roper goes to the ball gown on. I loved it. He helped me in the dressing area. I had fun. This is his list:

Michael Kors makes critical creative choices daily, so we asked him to choose between these pairs to reveal a little something about his personality and outlook:
Aston-Martin or hybrid?
Kors: Aston-Martin
Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks?
Kors: Manolo Blahnik
iPhone or Blackberrry?
Kors: iPhone
Capri or St. Tropez?
Kors: Capri
Las Vegas or Los Angeles?
Kors: L.A.
'American Idol' or 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Kors: 'American Idol'
China or Russia?
Kors: Russia
Pool or ocean?
Kors: Ocean
Eco-couture or haute couture?
Kors: Haute couture
Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?
Kors: Super Tuesday
Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Kors: Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes?
Kors: Angelina Jolie
Splenda or sugar?
Kors: Splenda
Tennis or golf?
Kors: Tennis
Red carpet or runway?
Kors: Red carpet
Celebrity designers or designing celebrities?
Kors: Celebrity designers
Rehab chic or Amy Winehouse?
Kors: Rehab chic
Lindsay or Britney?
Kors: Lindsay
Andy Warhol or Richard Prince?
Kors: Andy Warhol
Christian Dior or Emilio Pucci?
Kors: Pucci
The new black or the old black?
Kors: The new black
Mexico or Canada?
Kors: Canada
Status handbag or status watch?
Kors: Status handbag
'Atonement' or 'American Gangster?'
Kors: 'American Gangster'
'Cashmere Mafia' or 'Sex & the City'?
Kors: 'Sex & the City'
Cashmere or cotton?
Kors: Cashmere
Dark denim or white jeans?
Kors: White jeans
Bottled water or Cristal?
Kors: Cristal
Coffee or tea?
Kors: Tea
Orchids or peonies?
Kors: Peonies
Flying private or JetBlue?
Kors: Private
Melania Trump or Ivana Trump?
Kors: Melania Trump
Uptown or downtown?
Kors: Downtown
Ball gown or cocktail dress?
Kors: Cocktail dress
Bikini or boardshort?
Kors: Bikini
Mr. Chow's or Nobu?
Kors: Mr. Chow's
Sunglasses or hats?
Kors: Sunglasses
Bouffant or bob?
Kors: Bouffant

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