The Girls Quest

Quest magazine will have a fabulous story about us in their Feb issue. The store was written by the incredible Holly Gleason. Here is a sneak peak at some of the verbiage.

“I don't think we were looking to create a look,” says the irrepressible Kathie Orrico, of C. Orrico, the store she helms with her sisters Casey and Colleen. “I think it was about clothes that were fresh and pretty, you know, you could play in, lunch in, go out in… and if you're trying to serve where you are, well, there is only one Palm Beach.” C. Orrico, the pink and white striped awning outpost that reigns over “the Island”'s storied South County Road, has been keeping their Audrey Hepburn meets Gidget vitality for over two decades - and the secret is recognizing that active people want to be pretty, but not frilly. To that end, they know the sexiest thing of all is a woman who is completely alive. “Our customers live their lives,” laughs Casey, whose sons Jack and Harry attend Rosarian Academy. “They play tennis, ride horses, run businesses, sell real estate, have families… They need their clothes to function, but they don't want to concede beauty for function's sake.”

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