Sneak a peak at spring Lilly… before it hits the store.
The spring fling is something to behold. Bright! Blooming! Bold!
As you’ve come to expect from Lilly, the most frolicsome festive clothes to be had, it’s pretty prints, classic silhouettes, fabulous touches and enough color to make a peacock seem pale. Whether it’s the to-die-for extreme white dragons on navy print or the multi-turbo-pastel paisley or even the oversized hibiscus, Lilly this spring is at peak exuberance.
If you’re looking for slouchy pants, a statement sundress, a flippy skirt, a sexy cover-up or the signature tankini – not to mention myriad evening options – Lilly’s Spring 2008 eclipses the always fresh designs, simple lines and joie de play that makes her free’n’breezy styles the first call for a very special kind of girl… or woman who knows the power of always being in the moment.

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