National Wear Your Lilly Day...with Lilly herself.

So some people woke up yesterday thinking it's just another hot summer day in Palm Beach. Wrong!

A few lucky people were blasted into Pink orbit while shopping in our store right next to the one and only Jungle Queen herself, Lilly. After all it was wear your Lilly day and it was National.

Well at least a marked holiday in our books.

If you were on the ball or at least instinctively, as usual had your Lilly on ,we bestowed upon you a gift certificate as reward to shop and get more. We handed out scags of them in and out of the store.

An adorable family of four got the special treat of receiving their Gift right from Lilly herself. Luck of the draw she was in birthday shopping for her own daughters Liza and Minnie.

We hope the Kranich family will remember this day forever and Alexandra loves her Cameron capri pants.

What a special moment. and Thank you for supporting us.

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Ashley said...

There is no question that meeting THE Lilly Pulitzer in one of my ALL-TIME favorite stores (which is the source of 100 % of our family's massive Lilly collection) was (and will remain) one of the greatest thrills of my lifetime! Unbelievable! THANK YOU! Ashley Kranich

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