The Lilly Road

Road trip up to King of Prussia to Lilly headquarters was a blast.
Spring 2011 was presented to us and I have several things to say.

Oh My God......Can you say Mad Men? Everything this season is 50's flirty dresses and Lilly is on it. Over 40 amazing silhouettes are in this incredible grouping.

It starts with a POP in January with a print called Pop Purple Optical confusion and finishes up with Lillys Pink Big Squeeze. This grouping came from the pop cultural influence and features a one shoulder wonder!

The Whittaker will be here in January 2011 in two prints for $258.00.

The next section is dedicated to virgins....just kidding. The White Dress presentation is breathtaking. Very soft,lacy, and pure. Very Uma meets Pfeiffer. Dresses with a strap have a two finger rule, which all of us Moms know is great for graduation or religious events. We are excited about all 12 dresses in this group.

This is the Reeve Dress at $368.00 in our door February 10, 2011.

Not to give it all away at once we will tickle you with a little at

a time.

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Shop OBSS said...

OMG! I want this dress!!!

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