Sisters and an Apple

Casey and I went to The Big Apple for two days, yes I flew. Yes, It was great and I had fun. so I can't wait until September when we buy for Spring.

We stayed at Le Parker Meridien ,which houses the famous "Norma's" restaurant. Incredible food and a must do for breakfast. I will try to julienne veggies for my egg white omelets. Amazing how the ordinary veggie omelet became a work of art by just changing the texture and shape of an ingredient. Huh? Food for thought... yeah yeah no pun intended. oh and do not get the $1000.00 caviar omelet, but if you do can I have a taste?

Off to the shows for our November/December buy. Milly's theme : Jackie O goes sailing. Very fresh bright yellow, true navy, cornflower blue all with bright whites + sailboats of course.

Tibi went Safari. Muted drab khaki,light lavender,safari beige and of course great sparkles. We found a few new lines,which you will see in the late fall. No no you can't know about it now. It wouldn't be a surprise then silly. Nanette outdid her self with embellishments galore in all the right spaces.

Great restaurant for dinner, Serafina between Park and Madison on 61st. Whole wheat aglio e olio, giant chicken milanese, and mouth watering salmon. Great neighborhood and people watching galore.

After I went for quite a long walk all over 5th and Madison soaking up the city, I ran into so many people from our area. No anonymity for me. Good thing I am an open book huh?

Randoms I came upon, of all people, two of the Lilly print designers....Jeff and Paige. I will be seeing you in a few weeks up in KOP to see Spring 2011. Then I headed right to the pink and green of Madison Ave. Good to see how the other half lives. Somehow it works for me a little better in Palm Beach, but the New York scene deserves a bought of Lilly now and then.

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