Classic Palm Beach Style AND Wet T-Shirt Contest

Leave it to Kathie... Only our sister could be drinking a kamboucha, the fermented juice beverage that is way good for you, and somehow end up creating a geiser in a glass bottle. But that's just what she did yesterday, right there at the cash register/counter!
Opening her cold delicious beverage, there was spontaneous combustion, covering her in her frilly Lilly polo that merges the best of play with tiny tuxedo ruffles and soaking a good bit of the carpet. Thankfully, no one's merchandise was near the explosion, but... one of our good humor customers from D.C. couldn't help himself
Chuckling as only a man with a true sense of comedy can, he looked at the drenches Kathie, let out a low whistle and said, "Now you guys really have got it all: Lilly Pulitzer, every other great line AND a wet -shirt contest."
Thankfully, everyone else remained in their Lilly, Milly, Tibi, Trina, GoVan Go and beyond. But for that one moment, the Cinderella sister looked like the epitome of springbreak in Ft Lauderdale.

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Pan's Garden said...

Yo GO K !!!!!

sh9ow em what spring break was like back then much love and lilly xxxxxxVictor (Hoss)

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