It's not just Palm Beach Fashion Week... It's also the Miami Film Festival, and there've been some constellations floating north to take in the island's nightlife. 2006 Superbowl Champ Indianapolis Colt QB Peyton Manning has been seen enjoying the vibe at Cucina the last few nights, and our favorite quirkgenue Drew Barrymore checked out the mirror ball and disco apocalpyse as well.
It's not that Palm Beach is necessarily better -- that depends on what YOU like -- but it certainly has its own flavor, and it's yummy enough to attract the glitterati! For us, though, we're all about the penne a la vodka... and seeing our friends on the veranda.
Meanwhile it was also about the lovely cocktail party out by the Ritz Carlton's pool. Lots of Lilly Resort and Spring floating around the gathered masses of people from here, there and everywhere taking in a style so singular it really can only happen here.

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