You know it's season when we're hosting what feels like the best parties in the world... with everyone we love... only it's ALL of our out of town friends coming in during the Spring Break break. And when all you wanna do is get your pals from everywhere dressed in the prettiest looks, catch up on their families, beaus, achievements and weight loss secrets, getting away for an actual meal is not just impossible, it's unthinkable...
After all, who might you miss for something as silly as food?

Still, with the new sleek six 6 (!!!!) Kathie as our role model, we're taking a cue for the mostly vegetarian Orrico sister and her trick for maintaining her energy during these crazy days of "ohmygoodness, it's been so long... wait'll you see this amazing little dress/pair of shorts/darling pair of shoes...": Hamburger Heaven's Black & White.

The Black & White, for the uninitiated, is a hand scooped vanilla ice cream, heavy chocolate syrup extra thick milk shake. Made as only Cindy and the girls at Hamburger Heaven can do it!!!

Thick enough to satisfy and fill up your tummy. Plenty of calcium to build your bones. Sugar to burn in the afternoon stretch. And... of course... enough chocolate to release your way-high-to-great-pleasure zones in full-throttle throes.

Anyone coming to PB who wants a real Palm Beach experience need only wander half a block North on South County Road, You don't even need to get in the line; get it to go. Nothing like a Black & White to walk the streets and sate your every hungry... well, every hungry except what're you wearing tonight! (But, hey, we've already got that covered for you...!)

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