A great idea came to mind last night. I was straightening the Men's pocket squares. Tigers in pinks and Peacocks in a rainbow of color, the mighty blue Dragon, and Tickle Tickle print in bright turquoise. I thought what a shame it was that I couldn't wear a pocket square. That isn't fair. men have all the luck. They just throw a navy blazer on and shove a pocket square in and off they go looking clean and dashing with a subtle yet screaming hint of color. Then it hit me, What if I took the chain off of the the Glenna Halter, which comes in a palette of cotton knit, and used a pocket square to tie the top around my neck. How chic. I quickly grabbed the two and tried it on. Ladies this is a great outfit for the summer. Cool and clean over white jeans or Bermudas. You will be the look they all want but didn't think of at every summer cocktail soiree and BBQ in town.

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