Big Lilly Pow Wow

The Palm Beach Advisory Board meeting was Friday. The lunch was delicious and it is always great to see everyone from King of Prussia where the Llly is headquartered. We love all the pink and green, thanks for everything.

This center peice says it all. The perfect lunch.

The Lilly showroom in Palm Beach kids section.

Kate and Linda from "The Company", we love you guys.

Mira is the womens dress designer, and Kate(yellow) is the kids dress designer.

Courtney heads up all the meetings. We love your pink and green!!!

Need we say more, the best for last. We don't know who we love more, Doug or the Dragon jacket.

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Anonymous said...

HELLO! I am trying to be a blogger. I love those cute Lilly folks. BUT...where is that adorable accessory designer? We want more form her! xx

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